About us



Our story began in 2009 when we first met while working on same cleaning project in Ashford. It was a prestigious cleaning contract for Hitachi Rail Europe, first domestic high speed train service in UK.

We had continuously worked together for nearly 7 years serving Hitachi, Southeastern and most importantly regular train customers, providing high quality cleaning services to the train fleet. Our everyday job consisted of carpet and upholstery cleaning, train body work cleaning, toilet cleaning, litter removal, general train cleaning and office cleaning - all works were completed for the purpose of having an uninterrupted and cleanest train fleet in UK. It was a great job and wonderful time with even greater people around.

Year 2016 appeared to be decisive, we wanted to try something new, and to start helping people and businesses around. We were really passioned about cleaning. It took us roughly two years to finally take first steps in order to become independent. And here we are now, serving you...


Our vision was to build a strong, reputable and reliable cleaning service company which is committed to improving the lives of our customers by providing high quality and affordable multi cleaning services.


Serve our customers everyday with a bespoke cleaning service and build long lasting relationships based on trust and quality. Improve our service provision by continuous learning and development.