Carpet Cleaning





Our carpet cleaning service is highly effective and most importantly safe due to it leaves no residues behind. We use high quality range equipment and tested cleaning solutions. These two combined with a professional training allow us to achieve great results. There are many companies out there offering quick and cheap cleaning forgetting about basic tests, using DIY equpiment or even more, using cleaning detergents which do not meet industry standards - we build our name and reputation based on quality not quantity. Carpet cleaning is not a race it has to be planned and carried out properly.

Pre-Cleaning Inspection

We always aim to carry out a physical walk through your home or business premises, this is to allow us to visually inspect your carpets. During the inspection we can identify permanent stains, damages or any areas of concern and communicate them over to you.


Unlike many other companies we prefer not to give quotes over the phone as this is not our preferred method. It would have been unfair with our customers if we first provided a quote and subsequently would not be able to deliver the expected results.

The initial walk through is to discuss all requirements and to let you know what we can and can not do. It is also a chance to determine what cleaning method would be best in the individual customer's circumstances.

We offer steam cleaning (hot water extraction cleaning) and low moisture cleaning (maintenance cleaning).

Preparation and Cleaning

All your carpets will be thoroughly vacuumed with a commercial vacuum cleaner which will remove all bonded dry soil. After vacuuming we will apply predeterminded cleaning agent which will break down all dirts and general spots prior to more thorough cleaning.

Any difficult to remove or stubborn stains will be treated with special solutions to separate them from carpet fibers. We will then use special tools to pre-groom carpet piles to further loosen the dirt.

Next step will be to thoroughly rinse your carpets with our powerful high performance cleaning extraction system which will draw the dirt and cleaning treatments out of your carpets leaving no sticky residues behind.

Your carpets ph will be neutralized. We will also use specially formulated deodorizers to remove any unpleasant smells.

Post Cleaning Drying and More...

Any spots or stains which have not been removed during the main cleaning process will get extra treatment.

We will then use our high speed air movers to promote faster drying. Carpets with longer pile will be groomed with a professional groomer. Post cleaning grooming allows carpet pile to dry faster and also helps leaving carpets in their best possible appearance after the cleaning.

Depending on your requirements we can apply a stain protector which will extend your carpets life and protect them from any further staining.

Final walk will be carried out to make sure there is no neglect.

We also offer specialist carpet cleaning and disinfection after bodily fluids (blood, vomit, urine). If you are concerned about germs and bacteria present in your carpets you can read one of our recent articles here.

How to Keep Your Carpets Clean for Longer and What You Should not Do ?

  • Vacuum your carpets thoroughly, at least once a week, but remember that even regular carpet vacuuming can only remove some of the visual dirt and it might not be enough to tackle ground in dirt, stains and most importantly trapped allergens. Consider investing in a vacuum cleaner with a motorized rotating brush - this will make your vacuuming routine more thorough

  • Do not use DIY carpet cleaning methods as they may lead to bad smells, mould and even de-lamination of your carpets due to too much moisture left behind

  • Use HEPA filtration type vacuum cleaner if possible as it may also help those who are generally concerned with air quality

  • Remove stains as quickly as they occur. Do not rub the stains. Instead try to blot the area until it is dry. Leaving the stains unattended may lead to your luxury soft floor becoming stained permanently. Too much moisture left inside carpet pile may also lead to further mould problems. You can use paper towel or microfibre cloth to dry the area off

  • Take your shoes off straight after entering your home - this will, without a doubt, reduce the amout of dirt being dragged in to your house or apartment and ultimately onto your carpets

  • Use walk-off matts where necessary - this is always useful in places with higher traffic

  • Do not spray your carpets with anything like alcohol based products, bleach or vinegar as they may discolour or damage your soft floors. Any unprofessional cleaning solutions may also prove disadvantageous due to their detrimental properties

  • Hire a professional. No matter how well you maintain your carpets from day to day, you should definitely consider getting your carpets professionally steam cleaned on regular basis. You can research reputable professional cleaning services in your area