Disinfection Cleaning





Our specialist disinfection cleaning service is now available to individual customers and businesses around.

While traditional cleaning can only produce a visibly clean surface the infection prevention cleaning is going beyond what we can see as it eliminates bacteria and infectious organisms from surfaces which greatly reduces the risk of infection. Our disinfection process consists of an initial cleaning where all frequently touched areas and surfaces are cleaned and disinfected which is then followed by a decontamination fogging. We disinfect residential and commercial properties and can provide all necessary COSHH and Risk Assessments.


After a thorough inital clean has been completed we will assess all areas and decide if any additional cleaning is required. This may also involve the use of different cleaning agents.

We will start applying specialist Antiviral disinfectant to all high-contact areas and surfaces such as door handles and knobs, light switches and sockets, countertops, desks, chairs, handrails, soap dispensers and taps, sinks, toilet seats and flushes in bathrooms and wc, etc.

Our disinfectants are non-toxic and meet BS EN 1276 and BS EN 14476 standards to show they are proven to be effective against most known viruses and germs: MRSA, Norovirus, Influenza, Hepatitis B, bacteria causing food poisoning and Coronavirus.


Before we commence the actual disinfection process, we will first manually remove any visual dirt, dust or soil from surfaces to be disinfected.

We make sure that, during the whole process, correct procedures, tools and personal protective equipment (PPE) are used to prevent any cross contamination.

The main purpose of carrying out the physical removal of dirt is to prepare surfaces to be disinfected. If surfaces are not cleaned first, germs can hide under soils, making the whole disinfection process less efficient.

Proper initial cleaning is crucial for the effective decontamination as disinfectants do not clean dirt and should be applied to previously cleaned surfaces.


Our fogging machines produce micro droplets of disinfectant and biocides which will be dispersed and evenly distributed inside each room.

This antibacterial and antiviral mist will hang in the air for up to 30 mins after application and can reach virtually all surfaces, cracks and crevices which could not be cleaned with regular cleaning methods.

The disinfectant in the mist will kill germs and viruses that may be hidding in those hard to reach areas.

Fogging technology has been proven highly efficient in reducing infectious pathogens on surfaces and in the air and provide 99.9999% kill rate for a variety of micro organisms.