Commercial Cleaning





Since you got here you have presumably been looking for a contract cleaner or been wondering whether you should have one and how it is going to be beneficial to you or your business. We offer hassle free cleaning service packages which are fully tailored to your individual needs. Instead of hiring a number of companies to carry out various cleaning duties, you can contract us and let us take care of all your cleans. You do not need to worry about hiring permanent employees and training them to do your cleaning. Our contract cleaners will arrive at your premises fully trained, fully uniformed and fully equipped. There is no need to worry about ordering cleaning supplies as we can supply them to you. We can design cleaning schedules and prioritise works for you so that your premises get regularly cleaned and the cleaning is completed in the most effective way.

Bespoke Cleaning Services Across a Variety of Sectors

MCCS Cleaning Ashford specialise in a diverse range of commercial cleaning applications for a variety of industries. We provide highly professional, comprehensive and cost-effective cleaning solutions to a range of small, medium and large businesses, throughout Ashford and Kent area.

Detailed here are some of the sectors we cover:

  • Retail
  • Education
  • Housing
  • Sports and Leisure
  • Office and Business
  • Transport
  • Aged Care and Retirement
  • Industrial
  • and More

Over the years in the industry, we have also become proficient in a range of ancillary cleaning services, including professional carpet cleaning, window cleaning or disinfection cleaning.

Experienced and Accredited Commercial Cleaners for Your Business

We always tailor our services to our client's individual requirements and always offer a FREE site survey which allows us to understand and discuss any needs that an individual business may have.

It is not a rule of thumb that all premises get cleaned daily or there has to be 1 cleaner rather than 2.

Some small businesses may only require a delivery of 1 cleaning session per week whereas some others may call for more than 1 visit per week, oftentimes it is scheduled daily.

We partner with our clients to formulate customised cleaning solutions and are always ready to meet their ever-changing needs.

Our staff are all vetted and extensively trained. All our cleaning methods and systems are regularly reviewed and monitored to maximise work efficiencies as well as safety. We maintain a thorough follow up supervision and quality control inspections - all of that to ensure that our customers get maximum value for every cleaning pound they spend.

Our Company have joined a Safe Contractor Accreditation scheme to show we are professional and capable business partners.

We carry out our internal customized quality audits which allow us to identify issues and quickly respond by putting corrective actions in place.

In a daily busy work environments quality and safety are often compromised. As cleaning contractors we give our customers the assurance of a dependable service with maximum attention to details and commitment.

Do You Want a Clean and Fresh Environment for Your Staff and Your Business Visitors ?