Office Cleaning





Our general office cleaning is available to anyone requiring their business premises to remain clean and presentable. We fully understand that in many cases cleaning would be a hindrance if carried out during business operating hours, therefore we can provide fully tailored option for cleaning during afternoon or night hours so that it does not interfere with your day to day movements and most importantly clients' visits. Cleaning during day time is also often exercised.

We can provide one off cleaning or regular support. Give us a call now! We are always at your service and ready to go the extra mile.

General Office Space Cleaning - What You Can Expect From us ?

List of works within our general cleaning package may consist of but is not limited to: vacuuming, sweeping, dusting, bins emptying, toilets cleaning, soft and hard floors cleaning, internal window cleaning, litter picking and more.

We will need to walk your premises in order to understand what your expectations and requirements are. There might be some periodic deep cleaning tasks required like carpet cleaning or hard floor cleaning and maintenance. You may want to have an initial deep or disinfection cleaning of your premises carried out prior to opening up.

We can make arrangements for all your necessary janitorial products and consumables to be regularly provided, including toilet tissue, hand soap, hand sanitisers, disinfectants, air fresheners, bin bags, kitchen towels, etc.

After we have walked your premises and discussed your needs we will come back to you with a FREE no obligation quotation which will be emailed over to you.

Washroom Cleaning and Provision of Consumables

Clean, hygienic and presentable washrooms is a must especially when you have customers using those areas on a daily basis.

We can provide a reliable cleaning service of those rooms which will include limescale removal, walls and floor cleaning, toilet seats cleaning and disinfection, hand dryers cleaning, litter removal, cleaning and polishing tap ware, mirrors cleaning and more...

As part of the regular cleaning provision we can also supply consumables.

If you require a continuous janitorial cover please let us know so that we can include that in our FREE no obligation quotation.

Hard Floor Cleaning and Maintenance

Depending on the type of your floors we are able to offer different methods of cleaning, starting with just a regular sweeping, mopping and vacuuming, through carpet steam cleaning and floor scrubbing plus buffing.

We can use both wet and dry methods based on your individual circumstances and premises availability.

You can also contact us in the event of an accident. Blood, sick, bodily fluids, other...affecting your day to day operations.

Our floor cleaning and maintenance service may also cover any areas around your office building, this includes general litter picking of car parks and corridors. We can support your business in many ways...