Tuesday, 31st March 2020



Tuesday, 31st March 2020

As cleaning companies we often clean different areas - washrooms, toilets, kitchens, general areas - the colour coding system is, simply saying, a hygiene "tool" which helps to segregate equipment and procedures used across those areas in order to prevent cross contamination, either in homes or workplaces.

You would not like to see anyone cleaning commercial toilets and then using same cloth to wipe tables in a rest room.

MCCS adhered to and adopted BICSc guidlines, which are - RED for toilets, bathrooms, showers and washrooms, YELLOW for biohazard or clinical cleaning, BLUE for general lower risk areas like offices and GREEN for cleaning food preparation surfaces and kitchens. We also use disposable cloths or paper roll where necessary.

Colour coding of our cleaning equipment ensures that all our cleaning staff working in an area use the right tools for the area that is being cleaned. We follow exactly the same principle while working in both residential and commercial environments.

We want our processes to be coherent and consistent not only for our cleaners but also for our customers.

The aim is to prevent the spread of germs and to increase the standards of hygiene. MCCS take both very seriously. We always ensure that all our cleaning operatives are fully trained, properly supervised and most importantly follow the same procedures. If you want to find out more about how to prevent the spread of infection you can read one of our articles here.